About this Package

Do you already know about b next? Then have fun!

Not really? Cool! Here we go:

Many youth and church groups and events would like their own App to read the Bible but the time, effort and expenditure are often all out of all proportion. We at Scripture Union can provide a digital container that you can fill with your own material – for example, with Bible texts, notes, pictures, videos, audio material, questions or chat facilities.

You can use your own App with b next. In large or small events – and more importantly in follow up work. With b next users receives a Bible reading impulse direct on their smartphone or tablet every day.

Who is backing b next?
b next is an international project which was started by Bibellesebund (Scripture Union) Switzerland and Bibellesebund (Scripture Union) Germany. Scripture Union is an organisation which works world wide in 120 countries. It supports churches in sharing the Gospel of God to children, young people and adults.